1. Accommodation IJsselmuiden

Accommodation IJsselmuiden

IJsselmuiden, Burg van Engelenweg 116

IJsselmuiden is a village in the municipality of Kampen in the Dutch province of Overijssel. The place has about 12,455 inhabitants. As the name implies, IJsselmuiden is located at the mouth of the IJssel. On the other bank of the IJssel is the old Hanseatic city of Kampen, to which it is connected by the Stadsbrug, a lifting bridge with 4 large gold-plated pulleys on top. The village of IJsselmuiden is, after the cities of Kampen and Steenwijk, the largest place in Northwest Overijssel, also known as the Kop van Overijssel.

Accommodation description

Residential house for 11 people. There are double rooms available. Each room has a bed and a wardrobe. The kitchen, bathroom and living room are shared areas that are shared with other residents.

Please remember to bring basic things such as: bed linen, duvet, pillows, sheets (2 pieces), mug, cutlery, towel and personal utensils. In the kitchen, we only have basic cooking utensils (pots, kettle, oven, pans, cutlery and more). All the accommodation we rent to you is certified and regularly inspected.

Pictures of Residential House

Residential House

Before going to the Netherlands, please send an SMS to Jobcoach

Send information about your arrival date (date) and estimated time of arrival. Please remember to sign in SMS! With this information, Jobcoach plans your arrival at your accommodation and gives advice to those on site. Remember, Jobcoach will not be at your accommodation on the day of your arrival. If arriving on Saturday and Sunday, Jobcoach can only be contacted by SMS. For this reason, good communication about your arrival is so important.

Have you arrived at your accommodation in the Netherlands?

Report to the host of the house or the person appointed by Jobcoach. Remember, the accommodation is subject to rules such as: no pets, no possession and consumption of alcohol, drugs and intoxicants. Accommodation regulations must be adhered to. In the accommodation you will live with other residents, respect them and their rules. Together, let's make your stay pleasant.

More information or contact

Enter your details here and we will contact you as soon as possible.

House rules

To ensure that everyone can enjoy a pleasant stay in our accommodation, we have listed some house and living rules.

Information Card

Welcome to one of Abeos' residential locations. To ensure a safe stay for everyone, we have prepared an evacuation plan and first aid.

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