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Zwartsluis, Stationsweg 1

Zwartsluis (Low Saxon: De Sluus) is a Dutch village and a Dutch port in the municipality of Zwartewaterland, Overijssel, located where the Zwarte Water and the Meppelerdiep meet.

The port of Zwarte Sluys was first mentioned in 1398. Zwartsluis has been a transit port for peat from Drenthe to Holland. Today, the port is mainly used by tourists.

Accommodation description

Hotel Roskam is an old and beautiful historic hotel in the center of Zwartsluis. You will find a lounge, games room, gym, large kitchen. The rooms are located on 3 levels and are mainly 2 persons. In some rooms you have a private bathroom! The hotel is very well located, you have close parking, shops, bus stop. At summer, we invite you to the patio.


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Have you arrived at your accommodation in the Netherlands?

Report to the host of the house or the person appointed by Jobcoach. Remember, the accommodation is subject to rules such as: no pets, no possession and consumption of alcohol, drugs and intoxicants. Accommodation regulations must be adhered to. In the accommodation you will live with other residents, respect them and their rules. Together, let's make your stay pleasant.

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